Sure, there’s been an Apocalypse, but the Olympics must go on!

“Smart humour for witty, intelligent people” – We Know Melbourne

The year is 2056. The nuclear fallout from the 2017 Trump Wars has doomed the world to darkness. But there is one light that won’t go out: The Olympic Spirit, where mutants and humans alike from all over the wasteland converge to compete in the 10th ApocOlympics.

ApocOlympics is the high stakes, high octane and highly radioactive sketch comedy event of the millennium – the brainchild of Melbourne comedy stalwarts Dan Pavatich (Second City Chicago, RAW Comedy Finalist, Laugh Masters Academy) and Justin Porter (iO West LA, Improv Conspiracy, Gays of Our Lives).

“Heartfelt … Hilarious” – WeekendNotes

It is a mad-cap sketch comedy at it’s absolute finest, replete with dozens of ridiculous characters and their hapless attempts at glory. All set against the strangely familiar background of an international event that must go on despite overwhelming consternation and fears for health and safety.

While it is clear that the global citizens of the future can recall that the Olympics were indeed, a thing, some of the actual sports may have got muddied in translation. The 10th ApocOlympics is a quest to find champions of events such as Disguise, Boxing, Greg and everyones least favourite… Skiing.

“Laughs aplenty … Wonderfully wacky” – Squirrel Comedy

Full: Mon $20.00, Wed – Sun $25.00
Concession: $20.00
Preview: $20.00
Tightarse Tuesday: $20.00
Group (4+): All Tix $20.00

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