Late Night Party Boyz

Late Night Party Boyz present their 2018 debut … with a late night sketch party … at 11:45pm but a party that’s definitely worth staying up for, like NYE Fireworks. Get your pre-drink on with the party boys of sketch comedy!

This absurdist sketch show mixes character comedy, observational humour, social commentary, pop culture references and parody to hit all the important issues – Tuna, Sexy Dads and a new take on a Tom Hanks classic, whether or not it is cheese or if it’s pus and more.

A party revolution – down some goon, put on some Pitbull and let’s party.

“Art is meant to confront and challenge…. I like that” – Tom Bowden (The Advertiser)

Full: All Tix $20.00
Conc: All Tix $15.00
Group (6+): $15.00
Tightarse Tuesday: $10.00


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